Don’t let the lights go out….. on your data collection

Here’s a quick tip on setting up a PC with any of the instruments a that collects data over night.

Under The Start/Programs/Control Panel menu you can select Power Options:

Select Power Saver Settings

Though here I’m Showing my laptop settings, the PC has the same settings style.  Make sure you set the PUT COMPUTER TO SLEEP option to NEVER.

By doing this it keeps the hard disks spinning and the communication boards and services up an running. If you don’t then the system  will stop acquiring because the PC decided to take a nap after you stopped playing with it for the time period that is set. It doesn’t have anything to do with the system acquiring data as an activity. It’s all about when you last touched the PC. Moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard.

So we’ll keep the lights on for you,  just help us pay the bill.

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