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TF 3.1 – How to Create A Targeted Compound Screening Method

Below is a video on how to create a Screening Method for Targeted Analysis.

The method is used to perfrom a few functions. One is for determining the presence of a compound in an unkown sample of a particualr matrix.

The other is that is can be used as the basis of results that can easily create a quantitative method. Both are very powerful in the day to day operations of a targeted analysis laboratory.

If the video is blurry please click the cog wheel at the bottom of the panel and increase the video display resolution.

New Version of TraceFinder 3.1 Reporting Plugin

A new version of the reporting plugin for TraceFinder 3.1 has been published today. You can download and install it at: 

Reporting Plugin Version 416.35 Release Notes

  • Report generation format: CSV and Print
  • Pivot table – agreggate operation choice
  • Add Internal Standard property to Peak Chro Plot
  • Notification when new version available
  • Bug fix: repeat area filter (always includes first result)
  • Enable simple formula with parameters
  • Screening Plot Controls
  • Updated templates: High Density Sample Report 1 Long, Confirmation Report, Confirmation Report 2, Quantitation Report