Example of Simple Physician Office Style Report – TF 3.3

Below is a simple report that converts raw data to plain language text.

The example is of a style that has been dubbed, the Physicians report, as it simply states if a component is found and above a value. If the calculated amount is above the Cutoff amount, a custom “Outcome” column will state that the value is “Positive”, otherwise its “Negative”.

It also has a custom column, that will display the calculated amount if the value is above the Cutoff and a peak was detected. If a peak is detected, but the value is below the cutoff the cell will display “< Cutoff”, otherwise if a peak is not detected it will display either NA or NF.

Click here to download the Template: Physicians Report

Simply unzip into the folder C:\TraceFinderData\3.3\Templates\ReportTemplates

or unzip into the folder C:\TraceFinderData\32\Templates\ReportTemplates

Physicians Report

The excel like script for the Calculated Amount (AMT) column is:

if(quanresults.calcamount(“Report”) <= compound.LOR,”<Cutoff”, quanresults.calcamount)

It simply takes the calculated value and compares to the LOR (Limit of Reporting) value in the method if is equal to of less than the set limit it will show “<Cutoff”, otherwise it will report the calculated value.

The script for the “Outcome” column is very simple.

IF(quanresults.LORFlag= TRUE, “Positive”, “Negative”)

If the value triggers the flag, the flag value is TRUE. IF true show “Positive” in the cell, otherwise show “Negative”

For the function of the LOR flag to work in the case of all reports, the setting to report a value above a set limit and not to show components that didn’t meet that criteria, two setting mu be activated in the method as shown below.

Physicians Report1

The setting in the table filter text field limit the reporting components in to only be Target Compounds and not display Internal Standards.

quanresults.compoundtype= “eTargetCompound”

Physicians Report2

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