Pause or Stop … That is the question

In TraceFinder there are a couple Queue List to consider.

So First there is the Acqusition Queue. This is a list of samples being acquired by instruments that TF controls.

The Second, simply named Queues is a list of processes that are occurring with sample data. This includes acqusition(is the sample done being created), Processing (is the data I want being extracted) and Reporting (are my reports being generated)

All these can be paused or stopped.

Pausing simply hold the allows the current process on the curtrent sample to finish and then it waits.

Stopping kills the process, whatever that may be. Acquiring data or reporting, etc…

Once this is done then you can remove or restart the things that were previously QUEUED up.

All instruments of all vendor with all software applications have issues with batching and removing batching of sample in some form. No matter what you might use in the lab its always a best practice to let instruments go home before giving them new instructions.

Another word to the wise: If you are acquiring data Pause the queue and then remove samples from the Acquisition Queue. Let all the instruments finish their processes of rehoming themselves, in the case of the autosampler, or finish the gradient flow in case of the LC pump. This will allow for the system to be in a good known state when you remove samples fromthe queue.  Otherwise the messages to the instruments might get cross with each other.

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