Houston We Have A Problem… Communicating How Issues Occur

Many times, messages come through asking for help that say, ” I have an error.” The problem is, to fix something we need to reproduce the error or see what the error says.

If you get an Unhandled Excection error, Windows is telling you the application is in a bad state. Here basically you have two choices. Close the application “Do this, Please” or Continue, not recommended because the system will be running in an unknown state.

Before, you do either of these, please click on the details button. This will open up a text dialog below the error message, which contains valuable information on what files internally or externally to the application are being effected by the error. Please copy this text and email it or post it someplace where the person rendering you assistance can get to it.

Also, a good tool to use if the problem is reproducable, is a Free tool in Windows called the Problem Step Recorder.

See the Link Below for how to use the Problem Step Recorder.


And there is always the Windows 7 Snippet tool for capturing images off your screen and saves them in picture format.

So help us help you, by using these tools to get us info to pinpoint your issue as rapidly as possible.

Fight the Good Fight.


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