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Intro to LC/MS Part 2

Introduction to LC/MS (Part 1)

HRAM Analytical Methods for Screening and Quantitation on Q Exactive Series

HRAM Analytical Methods for Screening and Quantitation on a Q Exactive Focus


FreeStyle tutorial: Displaying Extracted Ion Chromatograms

The video below demonstrates how to display extracted ion chromatograms inside of a workspace, through annotated click-through text.

FreeStyle tutorial: Rearranging views in a workspace

The video below demonstrates how to rearrange the visual display inside of a workspace, through annotated click-through text.

Issues with Actively Scanning Virus Protection Applications and Data Acquisition and Processing

In many instances of instrument and processing stations being connected to the internet, I’ve helped individuals having system lock up issues on various mass spec systems over the past 20 years, when using Real-Time Virus Scanning Protection.

This issue is vendor agnostic and will causes problems in data collection and processing on a number of vendor platforms.

If you have Norton, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender, etc and you need to run real-time virus protection. You should exclude the folders where data is actively being collected and processed. This will ensure that any processes, such as instrument communication, raw data writing to disk or processed result file creation,aren’t being interrupted by virus checking during data collection and manipulation.

Below is a list of folders recommended for exclusion in the various anti-virus programs.

The example comes from Windows Defender in Windows 10, and will have a different user interface dependent on what application you are using, however each application available commercially today has this capability.

1:Real-time protection is on and select settings


2: Select Add an Exclusion


3: Add each of these folders as an exclusion


Residuals Chart Report Template

In many instances, individuals wish to see the residual values of their calibration curves. This plotted chart may give a better visualization of how the curve is actually performing versus the singular R-squared value.

Click here to download the report templates for data that contains either internal or external standard curve types: Residual Chart Reports

Extract the files to the file location: C:\TraceFinderData\4.0\Templates\ReportTemplates

For use with TraceFinder 4.0 and later versions.

Presented are charts in both natural and logrithmic scales. If you only require one type of chart, the delete the one not desired and resize to meet your needs.


The chart will automatically adjust for a normal amount of calibration standards or a large validation set.



Poll for Windows 10 usage

How to utilize Thermo Flexnet to download your registered software

The video below demonstrates how to use the Thermo Flexnet system to download your purchased or otherwise software entitlements at anytime, anywhere.