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TraceFinder 3.2 – New Quick Acquisition for Method Development

In previous versions of TraceFinder, there existed the Development Batch under the Method Development Mode of the application.

TraceFinder 3.2 has been replaced  with a new Quick Acquisition button in the toolbar and in the Tools menu items.

This allows the user to acquire a sequence of files and open them in either Qual Browser or FreeStyle, from any view or mode.

The main benefit is that the user can perform method development or simply acquire a file to test the system. This is done without having to utilize batch processing to get an quick answer to the question.

Video player has changed. If the picture appears blurry, in the top right hand corner of the player you can enable HD to play back high resolution video.

TraceFinder 3.2 – Infographic

easelly_visual (1)

TraceFinder 3.2 – Intelligent Sequencing as a Standard Feature

TraceFinder 3.2 will include Intelligent Sequencing as part of the standard features set.

Previously, this was an additional add-on to the TF applications, with a separate license.

Now Intelligent Sequencing will be able to be configured in the Application Configuration section of TF, as shown below.

If you are not familiar with Intelligent Sequencing, it is the capability to perform actions on the sequence list of samples from real-time analysis of the flagging system.

The uses of this feature are numerous, the main benefit is that you have a safeguard for your samples.

– If you have a QC sample that is out of tolerance, you can stop the acquisition of following samples.

– If you have carryover in your blank, the system can automatically introduce additional blanks until it is clear or stop the sequence after so many blanks have been injected.


App Configuration