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Survey for the Unknown Screening to the Quantitation “How much is in that” Workflow

Survey for a new Custom Report Template editor.

Answers to Friday’s Trivia Question – The Winner is Petur Weihe Dalsgaard

The following three links are the answers to Friday’s questions.
So here’s a tip as we play the Friday Trivia Contest from now to ASMS. the answers will be in some post in the blog.
It’s my way of encouraging you all to read portions of the blog as we get ready to see some really great features at ASMS.

1.Charles Babbage
2. Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, Cambridge 1833
3. Power settings on your PC


Friday Trivia – For a new TraceFinder polo shirt

Be the first to answer these three questions correctly and I will send you a TraceFinder polo shirt with the new icon/logo.

1. Who invented the first digital computer?
2. Where did the term scientist originate?
3. How do you kep the lights from going off on your data collection?


Applying an external/historical curve to a batch of samples after Acquisition – Ask A Guru

The video below shows how to apply a calibration curve from one batch that contains calibration samples to a batch of samples that contain no calibrators.

This workflow is the same as selecting the external curve in the Acquisition workflow, but may be used on any batch of samples after acquisition.

The features allows the user to run a calibration batch in the morning and use that curve for all subsequent batches for the time period their SOP allows.

HMMMMMM… Maybe your day just got alittle easier.

If the video is blurry please click the cog wheel at the bottom of the panel and increase the video display resolution.

Where the term “Scientist” came from – Interesting TED Talk, just food for thought

TF 3.0 Walkthrough Slide Show

The video below is a slideshow of a Power Point presentation of key elements of TF 3.0.


My Filter String Is Missing After I Updated My Methods Associated Rawfile.. HMMMMMM

So in both the local and master methods, a user can update the associated rawfile to see the peaks they are looking for.

This dialog has an option to update the filter strings. Which makes it easy to do especially if you have hundereds of compounds.

Associate rawfile

When you do this, the logic looks to the compound database info that is in the Acquisition list and to help it determine the filter with the right precusor and then the extracted ion setting to see which filter contains its value within the range of product ions in the brakets of the mass filter. If everything matches from the newly selected rawfile it sets the filter accordingly. If it doesn’t then the compound will have a little red dot next to its name and a missing filter error lights up.

This typically occurs when the new file has a slightly different filter string and the method’s extracted mass falls outside of the product mass range of the filter.

The following video shows you how to manually fix this issue.

If the video is blurry please click the cog wheel at the bottom of the panel and increase the video display resolution.

TSQ 8000 Pesticide Residue Application Note


Link to TSQ 8000 Pesticide Residue Application Note


8000 resiue

Poll for holding a TraceFinder User Summit