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TF 3.0 to be released Monday Jan 28th. – Installation Guide

Here is the installation guide for TF 3.0

It covers how to install on a new system and how to upgrade currently existing systems.

Also the guide covers how to fill out and send in the registration codes to fully unlock TF 3.0.

TF 3.0 comes with a 120 day trial license, and will remind you each time you open the application to request a license.

The installation of “Power Modules” of Multiplexing Support and Intelligent Sequencing are covered under separate licenses, so they are requested separately from the main TF 3.0 process.

Link to TF 3.0 Installation Guide

TraceFinder 3.0 Installer

Licensing….. How many licenses do I really need?

A question came across the Blog that asked about Licensing and Multiplexing?

The answer to the question is two.

One License for the version of the application(ie. TraceFinder EFS, TraceFinder Clinical, ect..) and One for the Additional Module such as Multiplexing support for the Aria OS.

IF you go to the upper left section of the application in the menu bar and select Help, at the bottom of the dropdown will be an item called License Activation.

Here you can open the licensing window and request or enter license data.

If your trial period is over then only a license screen will appear when you open the application from the file menu or from the desktop icon.

This is true for both the Application and the Additional Feature of Multiplexing.