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Preferred setup diagram for LIMS with TraceFinder

LIMS integration

If a customer wishes to interface TraceFinder with a LIMS (or “LIS” in clinical accounts) there is a preferred configuration. The setup diagrammed in the attached file has worked successfully with past LCQuan systems, and may be used as a model for forthcoming TraceFinder interfaces.

When the TraceFinder user clicks Import in Analysis tab, the last used folder will show up. This can be a designated drop folder to which the LIMS sends sample list .csv files. After the run is complete, TraceFinder will post the result as an xml file in a newly created batch folder. The LIMS sniffer program should be set to check for a “newly created” folder within C:ThermoTraceFinder[version#]Projects. The Data folder within that folder will contain files ending in .rsx, which are xml files. The LIMS sniffer program would then import the required accession numbers, calculated result, time stamp, etc directly from those xml files.