Make it easy on yourself… Update in one place

In the Master Method you can review settings for your Triple Quad mass specs, such as Retention time, window of detection, collision energy…..

You can also make adjustments in the Master or Local Method to your Retention Time. Either by manual entry or by using several ways of performing automatic adjustments.

The issue comes in that when you make these adjustments in processing part of the method, the instrument method doesn’t know about them. So if you are using TSRM  you have to update in two places.

The Acquisition List is updated with the changes to windows and Retention times and can produce a file that can linked or exported out for adoption by the instrument method.

This allows you to edit in one place and by using the Auto TSRM update check box on the Acquisition section, You’ve just now reduced the typing and file coordination, that has to be done.

If the video is blurry select the cog wheel in the lower right of the video window and adjust the resolution setting.

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