Changes to My Method… Alot of them… Really?

So as a chemist sometimes it’s hard to believe that I didn’t make the perfect method.  Well, not really. Things change, cloumns go bad, my boss changed the SOP.

So considering the Master Method is my template used for creating batches with the same compounds and parameters, and it can hold up to 3000 compounds, which can have up to 66 components each, I don’t want to have to manually adjust each component.

In each section of the Compound detection tab there is a right click option that allows for copying of those settings to each component in the particular compound or across the entire method.

We hope this saves you time and lets you hit the weekend sooner so your not rerunning samples on a friday night.

If the video is blurry select the cog wheel in the lower right of the video window and adjust the resolution setting.

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