Two ways in but no way out…… Xcalibur and TF open at the same time

HMMMMM…. Why am I golden but not green.. on my status ball.

All computer systems in the world, from a Operating System to specific applications like TraceFinder have a file managing system. Typically called an I/O or File I/O, for In and Out. This manages the handling of a file and the opening and closing of a file to extract data or other things inside the file.

Inherently TF and Xcalibur being from the same family of applications, act like siblings and try to grab the same file if they are both open at the same time.

If this happens then sometimes the door handle flies off and someone gets stuck inside.

When this occurs then rawfile will apprear as yellow status meaning it is acquired but not processed.

To fix this you just have to make sure xcalibur is shut down. and then proces the file. If for some reason that doesn’t work then you may have to reboot the PC. Not the best of situations, to say the least.

So Word To The Wise. Only use one Application at a time when Acquiring Data.

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