What the Heck is a Ion Range????????

So one thing that has been resurfacing is confirmations that I know what think is my data really is my data.

TF uses one such tool in Ion Ratio calcualtions.

This is a ratio of the selected response of one defined peak that is connected to another defined peak.

In TF, we define that as, a Confirming Ion has a Ratio to the Quan ION/Peak, and we can set some acceptance threshold around that ratio.

Now, we have a few ways of defining the Ratio.

Thats the Ion Range.

Now we can use:

Manual – Where you type in the Target Ratio.

Average – Where the Ratio is deteremined by Averaging the ratios found in the calibration curve for these peaks and then producing an average. This automatically sets the Target Ratio, so you don’t have to.

Weighted Average – The same as above but its weighted and usually used for really large orders of magnitude methods.

Level – Again its like the above but it only finds the Ratio for the one specified calibration level.

The last three allows the data to define your criteria, and keeps you from having to adjust the ratios manually. This can be done for processing on the fly or in post acquisition processing.

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