If you want you Reports to fly off the printer, Give them WINGS!

Why don’t my reports print on the fly?

Well, one reason could be the printer is out of paper.

Most likely,the reason is that your reports aren’t configured.

So, in the batch template make sure you select any reports and the type you want to be produced.
If you selected reports in the master method then they should be marked accordingly here.
If you didn’t then this is your opportunity to fix that step.

REMEMBER: Just because you selected reports in either of these places doesn’t mean reports will be created on the fly. When you submit the batch there is a checkbox that says “Reporting”. This must be checked to have reports automatically be produced.

So, the feathers are the selected reports and the lift is the checkbox. Have both, you’re an Eagle.
If you don’t, your Icarus.

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Product Manager for Analytical Software for Chemist. Analytical Chemist, Mass Spectrometry Scoutmaster Troop 4277 Skipper Ship 4277 Vice Commodore Texas Sea Scouts

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