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Custom Reports and How to request

So today I’m going to Blog about the Blog.

This last week, I’ve had several requests on custom reports. If you look on the tab pictured below you’ll see a form on the Blog, that gets sent directly to the TF team. We just need to make sure we get your contact info and someone will liason your request.

We provide a professional service, that is solely dedicated to creatin these Templates that can be imported directly into TF. With our data structure we can provide almost any style of report needed, within the Excel framework.

An example of the an intersting request, was a metabolism heat map of calculated concentrations, that displayed compounds as rows and sample/groups as columns and then applied conditional formation to color code the results.

All this was accomplished in a small amount of VBA, and turned around quickly.

So let us hear from you, and your ideas of how you’d like to see your data either in reports or in new views within the application.