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Custom Reports and Office 2010 Repeated Chromatogram Issue

In some cases TraceFinder custom report have been effected by installations of Office 2010. The issue is that each chromatogram on a custom report is a copy of the first chromatogram displayed in the report.

To correct this downlaod the attached file, copy and overwrite the same file in the folder “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Library”.

Restart the PC.

Download File

Processing Across A Network

TraceFinder can store batches on a remote mapped drive on a companies network.

One issue that may arise is latency/slowness of the network itself. Remeber the processing occurs on the local PC, so files and results have to read and written to disk by passing through the network.

If the storage disk is very far away or the network has heavy traffic, processing will slow down.

A remendy of this is to locate the storage server within the building of the laboratory or have a dedicated line.

Also TraceFinder 2.0 and above can be installed in a Cloud configuration where the processing and storage are on a remote server, with multiple instances capable of being hosted. This allows the user to see via a browser the application and process and review results without the latency issue.

Sluggish PC response on Windows 7 installations

Running on systems with Windows 7 and Office 2010 have had some issues with sluggish response over time with TraceFinder and Xcalibur.

There seems to be an issue with memory leakage that is addressed in current Windows and Office updates. Especially surrounding the Excel 2010 installation.

The solution has been to update Windows 7 to the latest update/hotfixs and to update MS Office with its latest updates or Excel if the is the only office component available.

Easiest way to do this is connect to the internet and choose update Windows from the Windows Update icon in the Control panel.

The updates for each can be downloaded from the section of the Microsoft website.

Windows Update From Control Panel

Office Update From Excel Help

Ion Ratio Settings and the uneditable percent

In TraceFinder under the General Tab you can set select:

  • Manual – typed in and manual adjusted for each confirming peak
  • Average – calculates the average of the ratios across the calibration curve and uses that as the percent entry for the ratio
  • Weighted Average – calculates the average of the ratios across the calibration curve with a weighting and uses that as the percent entry for the ratio
  • Level – Uses a level that the use selects for calcualtion of the ratio

IF the user selects anything other manual, those values are not editable.

If the Curve or the level have not been completed, then with all other selections results for the samples before either the last calibration sample or the selected level will not have a ratio defined to flag against.

Uneditable ion ratios

Video For manual and other settings for ion range calculation

Disappearing Peaks – Master Method and Instrument Method not set correctly together

Last week at a customer site, the system was collecting information but no peaks were being detected and displayed.

If you opened the Raw files up in Qual browser and applied a layout AND selected autofilter the peaks for the compounds would appear correctly.

The issue was that the instrument method that had been updated in the master method did not collect information for the set quan mass. that is the filters in the rawfile looked something like this MS + SRM 906.01 [59.2-60.2] but the filter selection stored in the master method looked like this  MS + SRM 906.01 [59.3-60.3], and the extracted mass set in grid was set to 59.27.

Update scan filters

Video of update filter