Using Time Range Peak Definition

The ability to define a response for a peak/component/compound is needed at times to define an assymetrical response of an analyte. The definition of the peak is determined by the selected mass or signal, and start and stop time for peak detection.

This is different from defining a specific time and a window for a single point response.

There are two settings for peak detection over a period of time. One is Range-Detected, which uses the peak detection settings to find all peaks between the time points above the base line. Therefore, multiple peaks are individually defined and can be removed or manually adjusted, but responses for all individual peaks are summed together. The second setting is Range-Intergrated, this basically draws an intergration line from point A to point B. The entire response to a threshold baseline represents the peak response. Only the left and right edges can be adjusted.

If the video is blurry please click the cog wheel at the bottom of the panel and increase the video display resolution.

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