New Look and Feel for the Compound Database in TF 3.0

When TraceFinder originally launched we introduced the concept of using a compound data base for storing compound information for use later in method development.

Over the last couple of years we’ve found that more information was needed for use in some complex experiments that were becoming more common.

So we had several discussions with customers, on how to make this an easier process to get data in and alter it once it was in.

In TraceFinder 3.0 you will find a completely new user interface for the CDB. It allows for a detailed view and editing of data needed for Quantitative and Targeted Screening experiments. More ease of use features are yet to come but if you were a user in the past, you should find this interface quite a bit simpler to use.

We have also incorporated the ability to export all the data to Excel for grid type editing and then reimport the changes.

If you have compound data stores from legacy versions of TraceFinder or compound data bases from ExactFinder, simply choose the file and import it. TraceFinder converts and validates the data into the TF 3.0 format.

You can get an overview of the CDB in the video below.

If the video is blurry please click the cog wheel at the bottom of the panel and increase the video display resolution.

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