Videos Download Page

TraceFinder 3.3 Demo Files

Create a batch from a template

Screening Data Review

Simple Report Creation

Unknown Screening Data Review

Quan Data Review with swipe intergration


TF 3.2 and lower video links

Add Confirming Ion from Compound with Separate Filter

Editing the Adduct Page in Configuration

Creating a Batch Using a Template

Using the Legacy Data Convertor

Create a Master Method with Method Forge

The Daily Technician WorkFlow

Export and Paste in Data Review

Export and Use a Sample List CSV file

How to Extend a Calibration Curve from one Data Set to Other Data Sets

How to Perform Background Subtraction in QualBrowser

How to Use a Method Template to Review Data Depedent Files

How to Import a Custom Report Template

Method Devlopment Section for Setting Up Intelligent Sequencing

Semi-Quan Workflow

Update Instrument Methods in the Master Method

Use Data  in the Acqusition List to Up the Instrument Method

Use Right Click Menus to Make Widespread changes in the Method

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