Release Notes

Release Notes for TraceFinder 3.1 Reporting Plugin

Nov 1, 2013 Version 416.39
Memory Leak issue fix while generating plot controls
.metadata file grows large

Sept 26, 2013 Version 416.36
Intellisense for custom fields.
During report generation, previously generated reports are renamed with a timestamp and placed in the Archive folder
Bug fix: Pivot table refresh issues.
Bug fix: during PDF report generation, compound-centric reports concatenating indefinitely
Add report generation rule: compound custom formula

Sept 13, 2013 Version 416.35
Notification when new version available
Pivot table – agreggate operation choice
Add Internal Standard property to Peak Chro Plot
bug: repeat area filter (always includes first result)
enable simple formula with parameters
output format: CSV and Printer during report Generation
Screening Plot Controls
Updated templates: High Density Sample Report 1 Long, Confirmation Report, Confirmation Report 2, Quantitation Report

Aug 28, 2013 Version 416.32
Copy data points to clipboard
Simplified Formulas. (Instead of having to type in field(“sample.rawfilename”) you can just type sample.rawfilename.
Repeat Area Improvements (the master area is expanded if it includes an image)
Bug Fixes (299,306)
sort templates alphabetically
Add custom columns fields to sample tables
Updated templates: Blank Report, Check Standard Report,Compound Calibration Report, Confirmation Report 2, Confirmation Report,High Density Calibration Report,High Density Calibration Report,High Density Report,Internal Standard Report,Quantitation Report,Surrogate Recovery Report,Target Screening High Density Sample Report, Batch Report,Chromatogram Report,Quantitation Report – 2

Aug 16, 2013 Version 416.30
Ion Overlay Plot
Reports default to off in a new batch
Ability for other plugins to add data to data tables
Peak Chromatogram for Screening Batches updated to include labels and integrated plots
Bug fixes [#243,235,287]
Update Report Templates:  Check Standard Report, Chromatogram Report,Compound Calibration Report – Alternate,Compound Calibration Report,Confirmation Report 2,Confirmation Report,High Density Calibration Report,High Density Report,Internal Standard Report, Quantitation Report,Surrogate Recovery Report

Aug 8, 2013 Version 416.28
Enforce selection of samples in designer for sample report, and compound for compound report
Ability to edit report generation conditions from Report designer
Reports: Standard Addition Report update, Method Validation Report, Method Detection Limit, Calibration, Compound Calibration Report – Alternate
Add signal noise field to Compound Quan Results table
Bug Fixes: [277,229,286]

July 16, 2013 Version 416.26
Bug Fixes: [215,225,244,224]
Add report generation condition: Sample Custom Formula [232]
When table refreshes, refresh format also [247]
High Density Calibration Report
MSMSD Report
Standard Addition Report

July 9, 2013 Version 416.25
Bug Fixes [223,241,234,218,236,180,231,172,220,227]
Manual Integration Report [190]
Add ION Ratio field to Quan Compound table [197]
Side by side view of reports/rules [59]
TIC Summary Report [103]

June 25, 2013 Version 416.24
Sorting Data available in Data Browser [141]
Copy/Paste includes DataTables and Fields, Repeat Area and Plots [65]
Added Calibration Levels Table to Data Browser [214]
Created Screening Batch Report [211]
Bug Fixes: [201,206,169,212,203]

June 17, 2013 Version 416.22
If correct version of Tracefinder is not installed, display warning. [202]
If PDF print driver is already installed, don’t reinstall. [202]
Note: fixed version number (corresponds to ER version number of TraceFinder). Previous version number 419.21 was incorrect.

June 10, 2013  Version 419.21
Added Feature: Fields with Parameters  [178] documentation
Bug Fixes: [167]

June 7, 2013  Version 412.20
Qualitative Results added to Data Browser [168]
Peak Smoothing in Chromatogram [149]
Bug Fixes: [184,164]
New version of Report Template: Internal Standard Report, Quantitation Report, Method Report, Surrogate Recovery Report, Solvent Blank Report

June 7, 2013  Version 410.19
Added Spectral Plot [176]
Edit in Excel Improvements [181]
Manual Integration Report improvements [177]
Fixed bugs: [152,179,189]

June 5, 2013  Version 403.17
Pivot Tables [173]
Fix bug: Error sequence contains no elements

June 3, 2013  Version 398.16
Add help content to
Generate reports in excel
Calibration plot control
Add shortcut key for inserting table CTRL+T

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