Quick Tips

Reporting Plugin Quick-Tips

Data Browser
A data table can be inserted when: the selected cell is above or below any other table, and not in the same row as a field. Note that tables are not allowed in repeat areas.
A data field can be inserted when the selected cell is not on the same row as a table.

Context Menu:
Data Table – insert or edit data table
Data Field – insert or edit data field

Shortcut keys
CTRL+T – Insert table.
CTRL+T – Edit table when selected cell is anywhere inside a table.
CTRL+SHIFT+T – Insert or Edit a field.
CTRL+R to Insert or edit repeating area.

Format Cells
The first row of a data table retains formatting information. Edit the formatting of this row and it will be copied to all other rows.
For group header items, the formatting of the 1st group header is copied to the remaining group headers.

Repeat Areas
Drop fields, and plots into a repeat area. Choose how many time to repeat horizontally, and how many times to repeat vertically between page breaks.
Choose whether to repeat per compound and/or per sample. The CompoundQuanResults table is used for quan batches and the Screening Results are used for Screening batches.
Pivot Tables:
Check the Pivot Table box in the databrowser. Select three fields, the first will be the row headers, the 2nd will be the column headers. The 3rd will be the agregate value.

Select a field, then click “A-Z” to sort on that field.

Check the “Repeat Header Per Group” check box, the table will be grouped by the 1st sort field.

Custom Fields
Display fields from other tables with a custom field. For example: field(“sample.rawFileName”)
Note that the field name is not case sensitive.

Fields with Parameters
Some fields take parameters. Enter the parameters to change the way the value is displayed. These parameters can be used for regular fields and custom fields. Example with custom fields:
field(“quanresults.mass”,2,3) will show the 3rd confiming peak of the 2nd quan peak.

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